What if you lived life as the adventure it could be?

Welcome to Urban Huna the place where you can find out more about how to use the philosophy, tools and techniques of Huna to bring more empowerment, pleasure and adventure into your life.

Life can be lived as the adventure it was meant to be.  All experiences, even the most seemingly mundane, when focussed through the lens of the adventurer can be a source of inspiration, insight and empowerment.

Urban Huna works within the adventurer tradition of Huna which is also sometimes referred to as kalakupua and which shares some similarities with shamanic traditions throughout the world.

Whilst originating in Hawaii, Huna has universal relevance and application.  The traditional kupua was a healer of mind, body and relationships.  Today the need for such skills and practices are as relevant to modern urban society as much as anywhere else.

Guided by specific principles, Huna provides a powerful approach to empowerment and provides ways in which we can shape our experiences to bring more joy and adventure.

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Please visit again soon and remember:

Bless the Present

Trust Yourself

Expect the Best