5 Reasons I Love Huna - Wayne Kealohi Powell

Being naturally curious, I have asked a lot of people why they have been been drawn to Huna and what they most value about it. I asked fellow Alakai, Huna practitioner and author Wayne Kealohi Powell to provide 5 reasons why he loves Huna.  I hope this inspires you.

1. Huna Aids Understanding

Huna is my friend. It consoles me when I need to understand something better. It feeds me when I'm hungry for a deeper explanation of energetic interactions and anomalies. It quenches my thirst for a fresh idea of how things work and how they can work better.

2. Clarity of Perspective

I find such clarity in viewing life from a Huna perspective. Knowing that, ‘the world is
what I think it is’, brings me to a polarity understanding, that the world is also 'not'
what I think it is. For what I think anything is, is simply what my mind has been
entrained to think through my personal beliefs, assumptions and filters, which are quite
limiting because they are containers for my experience of life on Earth.

3. Huna Says All Systems are Abitrary

What I love about Huna is that Huna says, 'all systems are arbitrary', which means that
Huna, itself, as a system, has no meaning whatsoever, other than the meaning I give to
it. Of course this is true of all systems, so Huna doesn't appear to be better than any
other system. This humility is very attractive and charismatic because Huna teaches
philosophy as a science of how things work. There's no doctrine or dogma in Huna.

4. An Intimate Relationship with Energy

Huna has offered me an intimate relationship with energy as kahuna science that I
cherish deeply. I have been able to use it effectively to understand and explain things
in this world--specifically the interdependent interaction of fire, water, wind, stone,
plants, animals, and human spirits as natural law creating all physical forms on Earth.
Huna observes the universal principle of Oneness stating, ‘Everything is connected.’

5. A  Seven Coloured Rainbow

Huna is like a clear crystal with seven chards. When looking through it I can see light
refracted and amplified. It shines like a seven colored rainbow when I hold it just right
in the light. Just as when I overlay the seven principles of the Huna philosophy onto
what I see, feel, touch, taste, and hear, I fall deeply in love with life on its own terms.
Through careful observation and attentive listening, energy will teach us its love-play.

More and More Reasons to Love Huna....

I have been studying, practicing and teaching Huna since 1984, when I heard Serge Kahili
King speak for the first time about what Max Freedom Long had called ‘The Secret Science
Behind Miracles’. I was so delighted and infatuated with what I was hearing Dr King share
as an ancient Polynesian philosophy or way of life. As he spoke the ‘secrets’, my whole
Being lit up like a Christmas tree with a warm familiar resonance. I somehow knew what
he was taking about because it was already inside me, ready to awaken.

As a young child, being raised a southern Baptist, my mind as an adult, had always filtered
life through a Christian style belief system. When I discovered Huna, it was so liberating
and refreshing to be able to relate to life in a new holistic scientific way—unbiased,
unfiltered, unprocessed understanding of how cosmic; physical energy interacts to create
our experience of reality, which is influenced by our thoughts and emotions.

Huna science has enabled me to address my personal filters and beliefs with a deeper
understanding that ‘everything is energy’ and ‘everything has power’. It has offered me a
genuine respect for everything and everyone I come in contact with. It has revealed to me
that everything in this dimension has a voice and is offering us an intimate relationship.
‘Everything is alive aware and responsive’.

When I think of Huna as a philosophical way of life, it offers me a connection to the stars
and the roots of all ancient cultural philosophies and belief systems. Earth based cultures
all came upon the same natural laws, principles and understandings about how the one
‘Spirit’ interacts with all matter. And how our beliefs become our experience of life. This is
why the Kahunas of old were taught how to hold and use a belief only for the time it took
to activate a desired outcome and then let it go. Why? Because, ‘there are no limits’,
accept the ones we imply through our filters.

The one Spirit is absolutely infinite and has no limitations in its manifestation capacity.
What blocks our love from flowing unimpeded is the undefined un-forgiveness we carry at
deeper levels as the imprints that are being held within our hearts. Once the deep imprints
have been forgiven and cleared through ho’oponopono, love will flow again, restoring
harmony to where there was judgments, resentments and blocked communication in our

Energy flows where attention goes’, teaches us about the power our focus can have,
especially when there’s devotion and discipline in a direction that we choose. These
qualities are key for manifesting anything in the 3-D world. And when we apply love to
our focus with attentiveness, devotion and discipline, all things become possible.

Huna states, ‘To love is to be happy with’. This is because when we are happy with
something or someone, our love flows like a river into what we are focussing our energy
upon. Energy (love) flows where attention goes’. And where energy flows, the power of
change is amplified because our focus contains our life force within it.

‘Effectiveness is the measure of truth,’ says it all. Science is the study of what works and
what doesn’t. That’s why I refer to Huna, ‘kahuna science’. When we are attempting to do
something and it's not working, rather than sticking to just one idea of how something can
happen, science also states as Huna does, There’s always another way to do anything’.
Most of all, I love Huna because its practical knowledge for living a life that is fulfilling,
honoring the laws of nature and universal science. It’s easy to use and understand. I enjoy
sharing it with others and witnessing them heal from a misunderstanding of how energy

Mahalo to Serge Kahili King and all the Hawaiian ancestors who have held this work
sacred and handed it down through uncountable generations as an oral tradition. Blessings
on the healing ripples through time, space and infinity. May Aloha reign in the hearts and
minds of every sentient being.


Wayne Kealohi Powell is a co author of Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing: Medicine Ways to Cultivate the Aloha Spirit. His website is: www.shamanicbodywork.com/

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