“I am happy to know Pete Dalton as an old friend and a staff teacher (Alaka’i) of Huna International. I would recommend him for his Huna teaching and coaching work and praise him for the excellent articles he writes for the Huna International website, www.huna.org

-Dr Serge Kahili King

Urban Huna aims to share Huna knowledge to help empower those who engage with it. If you want to get the most out of this site please make sure you read the Start Here page

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a little bit more about what Huna is and the tradition I work within.

A little bit about me

Pete Dalton is a wealth of information and knowledge on all things Huna. He is an adventurer guide who uses his wit, his vast experience as a Huna practitioner and teacher, and his own unique insights into the ancient esoteric teachings of Polynesia, bridging them with his characteristic sophistication and humor into a contemporary framework that is as useful today as it was during Huna’s misty origins on the Pacific islands. Pete is a true urban shaman – look no further for you have no better Huna guide!

Jonathan Hammond

Author of The Shaman’s Mind – Huna Wisdom to Change Your Life

Enthused by what I personally learned and experienced, I established Urban Huna to promote the practice and sharing of, knowledge about Huna in order to help people achieve their potential.  While it is recognised that not everyone will visit Hawaii to experience Huna it is clear that the Huna philosophy and principles are timeless and transferable to all walks of life.  Urban Huna aims to help people to discover the relevance and experience the magic of Huna where it is needed in modern urban lives.

A’ohe pau ka ‘ike i ka halau ho’okahi
                                                          – Not all knowledge is learned in one school

The saying above refers to the notion that there is valuable knowledge to be gained from many sources.  Whilst recognising that there are different schools of thought with regards to Huna, much of my approach is inspired by the tradition of the Kahili family.  This is sometimes referred to as the kalakupua (shamanic) adventurer tradition of Huna and is symbolised by the image of the polynesian canoe. That said, I take a pragmatic approach and in the spirit of the tradition I use what works i.e. what is effective, which may involve drawing on other sources as appropriate.


I am an Alaka’i of Aloha International. The Alaka’i  are healers, teachers and leaders who have dedicated themselves to sharing Huna wisdom. I assist the present Kahu – Serge Kahili King in carrying out the mission of Aloha International and the Aloha Project through sharing Huna wisdom in order to make the world a better place.  In old Hawaii, traditionally a name was given during training when a significant point had been reached. When I was ordained as an Alaka’i I was given the name ‘he kanaka ‘imi ‘ike ‘ana’ which loosely translates as ‘a man seeking knowledge’ reflecting my tendency to ask questions and seek more.

In addition to my work with Huna, I have trainined in a variety of modalities which include being a certified Trainer of Hypnosis; Certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming); Trainer of Future Life Progression FLP); NLP Master Coach; Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner; Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Advanced Meridan Therapy Practitioner; a Psy-Tap Psychosensory Techniques and Principles Practitioner, and a Teacher of Mindfulness. I have also worked in the Western Esoteric tradition.

I am extremely passionate about Huna and it’s simplicity, beauty and effectiveness.  For me the practice of Huna has added no end of adventure to my life and I hope that it can do the same for you.


Pete ‘Ike Dalton

A little bit about what Huna is

In Hawaiian the word huna actually refers to a tiny particle, a spec or crumb or something powdery.  In this sense it can refer to something that could be hard to see.  It is used here as a general term to refer to the range of powerful esoteric wisdom, philosophy and practices of the ancient Hawaiian and Polynesian people.  This is not knowledge that is deliberately concealed, but knowledge that requires effort to find and understand.

Huna is as relevant to our modern lives as it was to the lives of ancient people. A key concept in the Huna philosophy is that we create our own experience of reality through our beliefs and actions. We are the co creators of our universe. Huna teaches us how to create our reality consciously. It provides a way of increasing our personal power and life force energy. Huna shows us how we can integrate our subconscious mind, conscious mind and higher self to make profound changes at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Huna can bring love, abundance, empowerment and harmony to bear on all aspects our lives. It offers a way of living free from dogma with techniques and practices that are both simple and deeply powerful.

Some of the key assumptions of Huna as practiced by the ‘kupua’ or adventurer shamanic tradition of Huna have been wonderfully described by Dr Serge Kahili King, Kahu of Aloha International.  These include the following sets of assumptions:

The Seven Principles

  1. The World Is What You Think It Is
  2. There are no limits
  3. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
  4. Now Is The Moment Of Power
  5. To Love Is To Be Happy With (someone or something)
  6. All Power Comes From Within
  7. Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth

The Aspects of Self

Human behaviour and experience can be explained and changed through the interaction of three (sometimes four) selves of functions:

  1. The High Self (Kane, Aumakua), inspires.
  2. The Conscious Self (Lono) imagines.
  3. The Subconscious Self (Ku) remembers.
  4. The Core Self (Kanaloa) wills.

Different Perspectives on Reality

Experience can be divided into four essential frameworks for understanding:

  1. Everything is objective (Scientific reality).
  2. Everything is subjective (Psychic reality).
  3. Everything is symbolic (Shamanic reality).
  4. Everything is holistic (Mystical reality).

The kupua (Hawaiian shaman) learns to move in and out of these realities in order to change experience more effectively.

The following link to an article Huna and Hawaiians by Serge Kahili King gives an overview of how Huna was part of ancient Hawaiian culture.

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