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Experience The Joy Of Huna

An Empowering Philosophy Without doubt Huna has been the single most empowering philosophy that I have come across. Adopting the practices and assumptions of Huna has contributed to my success, wellbeing and happiness and I...

The Three Blankets

Well, as we enter winter here in the UK and have had some recent days of  snow fall, I thought what better time to think about wrapping up in a cosy thick blanket.  In this...

Hale Huna: Moving On

Hale Huna, Aloha International's Huna centre in Volcano Village is on the market for sale.  I have such amazing memories of visiting Hale Huna on various occasions and will really miss visiting there in the...

Honu Medicine

This article has been kindly contributed by friend, Alakai  and Huna and Shamanic Teacher Jonathan Hammond. *** When one thinks of Hawaii, images of Topaz-blue water, palm trees, emerald mountains come to mind, as do...