Dream Alchemy

Dreams are a source of fascination for many people. In Huna practice, we can work with dreams in many different ways. In fact, we spend so much of our life dreaming, whether that be the dreams of sleep or waking dreams, that to ignore our dreams is to ignore a considerable part of our experience. The following article was contributed by Jim Fallon who provides some of his perspectives on dreaming and suggests some practical ways to work with dreams to gain valuable insights.

Dreams: a window into your subconscious mind

The study of dreams and symbols is about a very important shamanic approach to life. Dreams are windows to your subconscious mind, your Ku. Understanding symbolism is the key to understanding what is happening in your subconscious, Ku and super-conscious mind, Kane.

For most, dreams are an easy way to develop the spiritual mind.  Dreams serve as a guide to the inner-self and can be used as a tool for enhancing self-understanding, self-esteem and self-confidence. From the ancients to Jung, decoding the symbolic language of dreams has been understood as crucial to spiritual and psychic development.

People may be aware that they are in a dream state; however, they have little or no control of the dream symbols because they are not aware that they can control their dreams any more than they are aware that they can control their thinking. Understand that everything in the dream is a projection of the subconscious mind, the Ku ,caused at some level by desire or fear, and that the dream symbols can be controlled, changed, modified, dissolved or transmuted from one symbol to another. This is the same technique used when travelling to  your inner garden, finding a symbol and doing something to improve it.

The more awareness you have in the dream state, the more you have the ability to control the dream symbols. Exoterically, you can deliberately influence the course of dream events. However, esoterically, as you change the dream symbols into more positive symbols or neutralize the negative symbols, you have also changed your mental attitude and viewpoint at a very deep level. This shift will have a positive effect because your mind’s reactions and actions to everyday events will be more positive, markedly improving your life.

Improve Your Dream Quality and Recall

To improve your dream recall, fall asleep very slowly so that you do not rupture your state of consciousness. This will give you a powerful state of self-awareness in your dream state. Furthermore, write down everything you recall of a dream as soon as you awaken—even if it is only a single word. Secondly, the mystics say that dreams foretell the future; therefore, see to what degree your dreams do foretell your future—mostly by revealing your subconscious desires, fears and attitudes.  Third, see to what degree you can increase the quality of your dream symbols and notice how this affects your mind’s ability to respond to people and events in a far more positive and beneficial way.

Three daily practices are needed:

  • First, practice concentration , or Makia,so that in the dream state you will not lose control of the symbols.
  • Secondly, practice centering so that during the dream phase, the symbols will not fade in and out
  • Lastly, practice a breathing technique to increase the oxygen (and prana) content in the blood system. Piko Piko is excellent for this, with the attention at the navel on the inhale breath, and attention at the center of the forehead on the exhale breath.

This keeps the mind clearer and more focused, preventing a degradation of the symbols. In doing these three techniques, the mind will learn to center and concentrate in daily life and, therefore, in the dream state. Symbols will be clear and stable, allowing you to examine the deeper mysteries of dream symbols.

To a shamanic practitioner,  all of reality is a dream. The physical waking world is a group dream, a "big dream" that we all dream and manifest together. The science of quantum physics and a holographic universe theory back up what mystics have been saying for a long time. Reality is a dream-like illusion made of light and energy. It is solid because we perceive it to be solid, but it is really energy. The Hindu traditions call the world the Maya, the illusion, for we think we are all separate, but the truth is that we are all energy, all connected in a greater pattern. To the mystic, dream life is just as powerful and vital as the waking life, simply different.

Simple practices to help recall dreams are:

Dynamind: Follow the Dynamind process and use a statement like "I have the power and ability to remember my dreams, make it happen, make it so.
Piko piko: I will have a dream about(blank) and remember and recall it.. Then think about what you want to dream about while doing piko piko as you fall asleep.
Upon awakening: Awaken slowly, do Piko Piko from the forehead to the navel to lock in the images of the dream.

Noticing Dream Patterns and Making Interpretations

Write down what you recall of the dream and any feelings you have. Keep this as a dream journal.  After a period of time, say a month, look at the dream journal to see if there are any patterns or symbols that are repeating.

Whatever symbols or dreams you have, interpret them yourself by simply asking a mental question such as "what does this mean?", then clear the mind and wait for a returning answer, which can be in the form of an image, or a feeling. This is an ancient technique called "Thought Language".

You can also use your shaman stones to understand the dream by doing a simple stone casting, where the stone closest to the Kumu stone can be used to help interpret the dream. Shaman stones are a great tool from extracting information from the Ku.

Of course, you can reverse this dream process to manifest. Simply "day dream" or make a mental movie of what you  would like to manifest, while you are falling asleep, to program your Ku.

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