Huna: Manifestation, Grokking and Healing Workshop

Stewart Blackburn and I are excited to be offering this Huna: Manifestation, Grokking and Healing Workshop in April and May.
This series of three workshops explores three discreet topics from a Huna perspective.

Each workshop will explore one of the following topics:

  • The Fine Art of Manifestation – We manifest all the time; but we usually don't do it with care and awareness. In this we will explore the mechanics of creating our realities and learn how to do it more effectively.
  • The Way of Grokking – This is the ancient skill of “feeling into” something or someone that we can “see” from their perspective. In this class we will practice grokking with lots of examples.
  • Huna “First Aid” Healing – While no technique works all the time or for every problem, Huna provides us with a wide variety of techniques that allow us to relieve most pain and suffering. In this class we will explore some of the most important of these techniques.

The sessions will involve teaching, discussion, exercises and journeying. In addition, exercises to do between sessions will be provided.


The workshop will run over three sessions on the following dates:

  • April 18th
  • April 25th
  • May 2nd

Each session will run at 7pm -8:30pm UK time.


The total cost for all three is £75.

These sessions are intended for people who have a basic understanding of Huna (the Seven Principles, 3 Aspects of the Self and the Four Levels of Reality) and are ready to explore more deeply this philosophy of harmony and empowerment.

If you would like to join us - we would love to see you there. Booking and information can be found here:

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