Life Lived in a Different Direction

I came across a short video of a conversation I had with Serge King a while ago. We were discussing ideas about life and death and the universe and everything (we covered a lot of ground that day!)

I was reminded how over a decade ago when my father died Serge shared an idea about death with me.

As we know in the Hawaiian language words can have multiple meanings and even sometimes koana - hidden meanings, and context can be very important in interpretation. Serge shared that one interpretation of the Hawaiian word for death (make) can be:

'life lived in a different direction'

This really resonated with me and at the time I found a lot of comfort in that concept and I even incorporated it in the eulogy I gave at my father's funeral.

I still find it quite profound to contemplate that interpretation. Here is a link to a very short clip of Serge talking with me about this idea.

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