New Workshop: A Dive Deeper Into the Seven Huna Principles

The Seven Principles underpin Huna philosophy. They are the fundamental building blocks of Huna and for most the first Huna concepts they get introduced to.

I can certainly say that for me they have provided a wonderfully useful lens on reality and a powerful set of assumptions to guide my life. Despite their utility and value, it can be easy to relate to them at a very superficial level and almost take them for granted.

In an article a few years back Revisiting The Seven Principles of Huna: A Worthwhile Practice I wrote:

“…the seven principles are an all-pervasive aspect of the Huna philosophy. That can be a strength and it also presents a challenge.

The challenge lies in risking taking the principles for granted – they are after all presented simply and on the face of it easy to understand. However, this can result in a limited and cursory engagement with them. Even if we think we ‘know’ them, we change and so does our relation to, and perspective on, the seven principles and there is always more to learn and insights to be gained.

Revisiting the Seven Principles from time to time with fresh eyes and an open mind and exploring new ways to engage with them is a worthwhile and extremely rewarding process which I would strongly encourage”.

There is a lot of depth to the seven principles and always more to explore and discover and I really believe it is a worthwhile process to do so.

An Exciting New Workshop for the Autumn

This belief was the inspiration for a forthcoming new seven part online workshop that I am running with Stewart Blackburn starting on October 2nd. Diving Deeper into The Seven Principles of Huna will provide an opportunity to work more deeply with each of the seven principles. Each session will focus on a separate principle and will involve a mixture of teaching, exercises, experiments and discussion as well as things to try out between sessions.

Details and booking info is at the link below:

If you want to join us in this exploration and adventure you would be most welcome. If you have any questions or require more information just drop me a line.

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