Money Mastery Course by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D.


Tools and Techniques for removing money fears

and increasing money talent.

From the book, Huna: Ancient Secrets for Modern Living: “Money is unlimited, because you can have as much as you believe you can” and “The power to prosper comes from you.”


To learn concepts and techniques that will enable you to understand what money and prosperity really are, and to gain as much of them as you are willing to.”

Materials you will receive (all by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D.)

One video class: “Spiritual Prosperity”

One audio workshop: “Money Mastery”

One audio class: “Success and Money”

One audio class: “Success and Prosperity”

Approximately 5 hours of audio will be MP3 format in one Zip file download..

Note: The book Huna: Ancient Secrets for Modern Living by Serge Kahili King is highly recommended as a supplement to this course.