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I’ll be up front: this site may not be for you.

If you are not interested in improving your personal effectiveness, learning new things and adding a bit more adventure to your life then this site is definitely not for you.

You may be into all those things and still thinking- ‘yes but what is Huna and how is it relevant to me?’.  It’s not unusual to think that. In fact, I used to think that myself. I mean I am from Birmingham in the UK which is approximately 7200 miles away from Hawaii so it’s not like I just wandered across it.  Well in short, Huna is a term used to refer to the range of powerful esoteric wisdom, philosophy and practices of the ancient Hawaiian and Polynesians. The particular lineage of Huna that I teach and live is explained a bit more here.

As for it’s relevance, well I have found it to be the single most thing which has helped me increase my own personal effectiveness in all areas of my life and in helping others. It doesn’t matter where you are from, if you have an open mind and want to learn a philosophy that requires no previous experience and can improve your effectiveness then Huna is worth a look.

What exactly is

Well there’s nothing exact about it really.  Urban Huna serves the purpose of sharing Huna and related knowledge with those who are open to benefit from it.  There are a number of strands to it:

There is a newsletter The Huna Adventurer’s Newsletter which shares tips, insights and inspiration from Huna to help you live an empowered life. You can subscribe here for free. It’s monthly at most and won’t clog your mailbox up but it will give you some great ideas and inspiration in one convenient place.

This website, featuring a collection of original and curated ideas about Huna, empowerment, inspiration and more which you can enjoy at your leisure.

A store which has a selection of Huna related goodies from Serge Kahili King and others

An events area which alerts people to scheduled Huna events.

Who created Urban Huna?

Me. I did. Pete Dalton.  Him. There’s a bit more about me here.

Why ‘Urban’?

I believe that Huna can benefit people wherever they are.  Even though Huna knowledge derives from Hawaii it is relevant to anyone anywhere with an open mind who wants to embrace it. As I am from an urban city environment, I added that into the title to demonstrate Huna has wide reaching relevance. In fact, urban centres are centres of population where many such people exist so the healing of relationships that Huna facilitates can be very useful in this environment.  You can read an article Urban Shamanism Revisited that explains this very thing. So, if you live in the city, the country, on a hillside on the coast or anywhere in fact, then Huna can benefit you.

What’s that image of a canoe all about?

The image of the Polynesian canoe represents the adventurer tradition of Huna in which I work. Here is an article You Are The Adventurer, The Adventure Is You which explains a little bit more about the adventure approach and philosophy.

And what’s with the owl and the purple feather?

Good question. We’ll also be covering that in future posts on this site.

What type of material will appear on  provides a vehicle to write about and share my reflections on Huna and related knowledge.  As a teacher of Huna I am also learning all the time and Urban Huna provides a focus for this. I am really open about content produced or curated as long as there is some aspect of interest and hopefully some relation to Huna although I see that as in the broadest sense as fitting in with any of the underlying principles.  This may not gel with some purists views, however, I see Huna knowledge as being something that evolves and embraces effective practical ideas.  And why not? It works for me.

Can I contribute to the website or newsletter?

Sure. Just email me with your ideas here

What about other questions?

If you have any other questions, or just want to say ‘aloha’ I would love to hear from you.  Just get in touch here.


Please enjoy this site and sign up to the Huna Adventurer’s Newsletter and experience and enjoy your Huna adventure.