Putting Things Right: The Kupono Process with Serge Kahili King

I am pleased to be hosting Serge again for another online workshop on 21st November 2022.

In this workshop esteemed Huna Teacher Dr Serge Kahili King takes you through the Kupono process. Kupono is a personal form of ho'oponopono based on the Kahlil Huna lineage and is a process that can be used to straighten out your life.

The Kupono Process developed by Serge Kahili King is based on an ancient Hawaiian practice called ho’oponopono, as taught by the Kahili family.

The word ho’oponopono means in general “to straighten things out, to make things orderly” and is used specifically for a kind of mental cleansing to heal relationships through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, mutual restitution, and forgiveness.

Different families and practitioners had their own variations on the same basic process. Serge Kahili King has his version, which he calls Kupono. The word kupono means “to do things correctly and appropriately” and “to move straight toward a goal.” The word also implies the act of correcting the ku, or subconscious. Therefore the aim of the Kahili Kupono Process is to change subconscious attitudes by conscious retraining or redirection.

In the Kupono Process everything is treated in terms of relationships, even physical, financial and environmental conditions. The objective is not to change the world, but to change your relationship to the world. Then your experience of the world will change.

Join us and find out more about this fascinating area. Booking and info can be found at


(N.B. This is a live online event. Should you not be able to make the whole event or want to review it, a recording of the event will be available to view online for seven days after the event).


Monday 21st November 7pm-9pm UK Time. Online Via Zoom.



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Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to learn about the Kupono process and anyone with a curiosity or interest in Huna.

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