The Lucky Shaman

The topic of luck is a fascinating one.  In this article Jim Fallon has kindly shared his own perspective on shamanism and luck.  I hope you enjoy it. 

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The Lucky Shaman

Luck is predictable, it can be controlled. By concentrating on several “luck factors”- key areas of your life that influence your future success – you can take the reins of chance and feel yourself racing forward at a greater rate than you have ever imagined, by simply using a few tools and skills.

What do “lucky” people do that gives them the advantage that makes a difference? And, more importantly, what do Shamans do to enhance luck?

The Power of Intuition

They listen to and use and develop their intuition. They see and take advantage of opportunities. We do have the power to put ourselves into lucky positions in life. Shamans make effective decisions by listening to their intuition and gut feelings. In addition, they take steps to actively boost their intuitive abilities by, for example, going within and clearing their mind of other thoughts. They have developed their Faith, belief and expectation and program their minds for Good Fortune.

The past is composed of materialized thoughts. They are easier to detect. The present is in the process of materializing thoughts. These are harder. The future is composed of thoughts that have been conceived but have not yet been materialized. These are the hardest of all and trying to foretell the future becomes difficult.  In fact, since we have not yet lived the future, it can change… if we change our mind. You can allow the ku to search the universe (it is connected with all things) and focus on the question at hand.

Again, in games of chance, you have little or no control over the outcome. Chance is random. Luck is different from chance. A winning lucky person has achieved their results based on their programming to achieve the outcome they desire in the present moment. Their going within and programming will dramatically increase the likelihood of winning. These persons do everything possible to increase their possibility area to achieve their desired result. Again, “chance” is almost completely out of your control, and luck is really the increase of your possibility area, allowing you to become synchronous and allowing your mind to notice the opportunities that are around you that you may not see now and may be filtering out. That said, we do have the power to put ourselves into lucky positions in life.

So get in flow with chance by enhancing your luck! Getting in flow with chance is the purpose of luck!

The Importance of Feelings

Remember it’s the feeling of winning that counts more than the actual image. You may meet with even greater success if you express and feel gratitude for your winnings in advance or in today’s thinking focus on the end result. For those concerned with money, this impresses upon your subconscious the idea that the money you desire is already yours and winning or success becomes more effortless. Feelings of desperation and self-interest will disconnect you from the ability to win. The secret is detachment.  Your chances of winning/success/luck will depend more on developing the power of your intuition and establishing communication channels with that part of you…that inner part of your mind… that knows what is the best move you should make in order to win.

It’s important to create and deeply impress upon the subconscious mind a FEELING of winning. See your self as having already won…hear what it sounds like to here the sounds of winning,,,of luck. Bring in the senses..its like giving the different parts of the brain the same sheet music so they all play in sync to reach your goal!!

As you begin to feel like a winner, as your program your subconscious mind with the “winning attitude”, you’ll begin to expect to win and you’ll open the way for winnings.

A Lucky Journey

The following journey uses a very special psychic technology called hailona, which in Hawaiian means a form of divination. In this case you will be using a special mental Hailona meter to assist your intuition.

Guided Journey to your Garden Tiki and your Hailona Meter:

“Take a moment and get into a comfortable position….and close your eyes..just notice your body…and move around until you get comfortable…

Now..If you want to relax even deeper…imagine your self in a small valley…surrounded by mountains…it’s a warm summer day and a light breeze is blowing…billowy clouds are scattered across a clear blue sky…and it feels good to be here….

And you begin walking a well worn path towards the base of a mountain…you see a gate or an entrance way at the top of the mountain…you climb up to the top of the mountain and the gate opens and you cross over the threshold..into the most relaxing and most beautiful place you could ever imagine….

And as you walk through this most beautiful place…you feel the ground…smell the air with its special fragrances…see the beautiful sky above…hear beautiful and relaxing sounds…you are using all your senses….

And you feel your feet walking along a well-worn path……just being here in your garden…. activates your special inner mind luck meter…..imagine now… the words Yes and No flashing, on your special meter..and ask yourself a question and see the yes and no flashing and you determine which one it is…..or to answer any question you may have.

After you have determined which one it is…. you clear your mind for a moment by thinking of another topic, then come back to the question , and imagine the yes and no flashing lights.. flashing Yes, and then one flashing No.

Go back and forth a couple of times if you need to, and you will find that it is much easier to imagine one than the other… it will be easy to imagine one flashing Yes…or else it will be easier to imagine one flashing No…whichever is easier to imagine is your answer…. Or You may just feel one answer is more correct than the other…Or you may hear in your mind’s ear one or the other…Whatever way you sense the answer…it is the right way for you…”

You now know what to do…your special luck meter aligns chance to work with you….and for you… to establish communication channels with that part of your mind that knows what is the best move you should make in order to be successful.

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