An Introduction to Huna: The Shamanic Path to Inner Harmony and Power

Huna is a philosophical system with Hawaiian roots that is about personal empowerment and fulfillment. This system is a form of shamanism and uses all the elements of nature to work with both individuals and groups to make the world a better place.

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This course is an introduction to the foundational ideas and techniques of Huna. Much of Huna is about healing and we will talk about and demonstrate the elementary ways in which Huna can help people.

There is no dogma here, only practices that work most of the time.

You are invited to expand your understanding of how you work and how to use your power to enjoy your life more. 

The workshops will include::

  • What is Huna and why is it relevant?
  • Shamanic thinking
  • How to use the 7 Principles
  • The 3 Selves
  • 4 Levels of Reality

The sessions will involve teaching, discussion, exercises and journeying. In addition, exercises to do between sessions will be provided.


The workshop will run over four 90 minute online live sessions.

Workshop Guides

Your guides for the workshops will be Stewart Blackburn and Pete Dalton

Stewart Blackburn

Stewart is an Alakai of Aloha International living on Big Island Hawaii. Stewart’s website is

Pete is an Alakai of Aloha International living in the UK. Pete’s website is and he produces the Huna Adventurer’s Newsletter.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is open to anyone with curiosity and a willingness to explore a philosophy of harmony and empowerment. There are no further prerequisites.

Some participant feedback

“I absolutely enjoy taking the various online courses offered by Serge, Pete and Stewart around various topics and techniques related to Huna that truly work effectively for myself and for everyone I share them with.

They are all wise men who have been working with and practicing everything related to Huna. They share their wisdom with open hearts, a straightforward, well structured and understandable approach, and they always gift me and all the other participants with enough space to experience first hand the effectiveness of the tools and techniques they teach.

I highly recommend joining their classes to anyone who is interested to learn more about the timeless wisdom that can be found in Hawaii and who would like to share the spirit of Aloha no matter where they are in the world”.

-Yves Nager, bestselling author of ‘Hawaiian Rebirth’

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