The Huna Adventurer’s Guide to Luck, Good Fortune and Success

A Brand New Exciting and Inspirational Huna Workshop Series

This brand new seven class online workshop explores Luck, Good Fortune and Success from a Huna perspective.

Each workshop will explore one of the following topics:

Class #1 – What is luck and where does it come from? We start out looking at various ideas about what luck is and particularly what it is from a shamanic point of view. Luck is a very personal experience and we want to first get to know our own relationship to Luck.

Class #2 – The Role of Beliefs. The single greatest influence on our luck is probably the beliefs we hold around how lucky we think we are, how much we deserve good luck, and how we think things come into our lives. When our beliefs limit our good fortune, no amount of favorable circumstances will do us any good.

Class #3 – The Role of Intuition and Our Inner Guides. There’s more to luck than chance. When we tap into our inner being, we can take advantage of hunches and other forms of intuition and inspiration. The art of listening to how we are being guided is a key element to becoming luckier.

Class #4 – Using the Critical Skill of Focus. In general, we get what we focus on. Paying attention to what we’re paying attention to pays off. When we can stay focused on success, we get there much more easily than when we worry. When we focus on abundance, that’s what we experience more of.

Class #5 – The “Lucky” Mindset. Being lucky is a way of thinking and a way of being. More than harnessing the wild vagaries of nature, it is about how we order our lives. To be lucky is to feel that “luckiness” in our bones. And that starts with thinking in terms of being lucky.

Class #6 – The Roles of Gratitude and Expectation. Gratitude and the related appreciation are powerful elements that go into being lucky. They help guide the experiences we have around luck. Expectation is tool that needs to be used carefully, but when properly employed it can shape events in our favor.

Class #7 – Programming Your Luck. When we pull all the elements of luck together, we can produce a very potent fusion of energies that we can tap into at any time. If Harry Potter can have his Felix felicis, we can have our own version of Liquid Luck. We’ll brew some up here.

The sessions will involve teaching, discussion, exercises and journeying. In addition, exercises to do between sessions will be provided.

Your Workshop Guides

Your guides for the workshops will be Stewart Blackburn and Pete Dalton

Stewart Blackburn

Stewart is an Alakai of Aloha International living on Big Island Hawaii. Stewart’s website is

Pete is an Alakai of Aloha International living in the UK. Pete’s website is and he produces the Huna Adventurer’s Newsletter.

Who Should Attend?

These sessions are intended for people who have a basic understanding of Huna (the Seven Principles, 3 Aspects of the Self and the Four Levels of Reality) and are ready to explore more deeply this philosophy of harmony and empowerment. And also for the super curious!

Some Feedback On Pete and Stewart’s Classes

“I absolutely enjoy taking the various online courses offered by Serge, Pete and Stewart around various topics and techniques related to Huna that truly work effectively for myself and for everyone I share them with.

They are all wise men who have been working with and practicing everything related to Huna. They share their wisdom with open hearts, a straightforward, well structured and understandable approach, and they always gift me and all the other participants with enough space to experience first hand the effectiveness of the tools and techniques they teach.

I highly recommend joining their classes to anyone who is interested to learn more about the timeless wisdom that can be found in Hawaii and who would like to share the spirit of Aloha no matter where they are in the world”.

-Yves Nager, bestselling author of ‘Hawaiian Rebirth’


Aloha Pete and Stewart,

I want to thank both of you for the wonderful workshop. I appreciated the way you organized each week’s presentation by alternating the teachings between you. It was perfect for our modern shorter attention spans. And I appreciated the succinct lesson followed with a related meditative experience: information then action. I never had the feeling that ideas were truncated or rushed through in any way. We had plenty of time for questions, for our journey experience, and for sharing afterward. The homework suggestions were of great and lasting value. I received much more than I expected which included after-class information: homework, links, reminders, etc, Plus, you have allowed access to the recordings of the class for an entire year. You couldn’t have been more generous with your knowledge and your time. Knowing that you are both available for consultation afterward is a very loving gift.

Mahalo mahalo

Aloha nui,

Lynne Volker


“Coming back to Huna makes me feel like someone who has been struggling along a rocky and overgrown path by a gently flowing river for a long time with a heavy weight on my back and someone has just come along and pointed out what a lovely canoe I am carrying!”


“All of the classes you do together are beautifully organized by the way you share the teachings. I consider them a gift to myself, like mini vacations or retreats – a way to connect to spiritual inspiration while in the company of others with similar intent. The journeys (exercises) you guide us on and the sharing afterward is spiritual nutrition for me and necessary for feeling I have a full life right now”


I really enjoyed your Huna Adventures workshop and there have been many positive changes in my life, especially after the third session getting to know the goddesses! I feel much more empowered in myself, and since connecting with Hi’iaka, I have been experiencing greater success with getting things done! I am very happy to have shared with the group and the first two workshops sort of laid the ground for this to happen with the gentle encouragement that was provided, and all the comments the rest of the group gave, it created an open and loving space for me to express myself:-) I look forward to learning more about Huna and continuing on this wonderful path.

-Sarah Richardson

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