Ka Wahi

Loosely translated ka wahi means 'place' and 'interesting, fascinating, amusing...' and was a phrase for this page suggested by my friend Serge King.  So this is a where I put anything that doesn't fit anywhere else. So for example, things that are not blog related, directly Huna related or not original but that I consider worth sharing. Enjoy.

Fascinating Images Provide Unique Perspectives

View of Earth rising over Moon's horizon taken from Apollo 11 spacecraft. (NASA)

This image is one of many inspiring images taken from the NASA image gallery.   Images like this evoke in me the sheer wonder of the Universe as well as providing a different viewpoint on the world.  Sometimes it's useful to shift perspectives on things and take ourselves out of our routine habitual thinking.   For example, if you imagined standing on the moon looking at yourself way down on earth would it allow you to get a different perspective on something you might be dealing with?






Even The Smallest Action Can Have Big Consequences

This video provides a great metaphor for taking action no matter how small or insignificant. It's amazing to think of the potential consequences that just one action can have.  If you ever find yourself thinking -'why bother, what difference can I make?' then maybe it's time to change that way of thinking.....