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The start of a new year provides for many a time to plan ahead and refocus on new goals for the year ahead. I offer here a simple and effective technique for doing this, which of course can be used at any point in the year.

Focus is Key

The key to achieving goals is choice and focus. Focus via the Lono gives direction to the Ku to generate patterns to align with the sphere of focus. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) can be considered a parallel or analogy to this in scientific terms.

The RAS is part of the brain one of the functions of which is to filter all the information coming through the senses and govern which sensory signals reach the cerebrum and are bought to conscious awareness. So, for example, if you are in a noisy environment you might tune out to the background noise yet notice when someone ways your name. Similarly, if for example you are thinking of buying a new car and have an idea of a particular model and colour, this act of choice and focussing tends to make you become more aware of information to do with this model and colour of car. You may notice more of them around you, see may see images in magazines or online and hear about them. From an objective scientific point of view, it’s not that there are suddenly more of this type of car around it is that your act of focussing has increased it’s importance to you with the result that the RAS has filtered all of your possible sensory stimuli to bring what is important to your conscious awareness.

So it is with the Huna system, we provide focus through the Lono (imagination) with intent and choice and then the Ku filters and generates patterns to fit that focus. Often with good focus, the effects can appear almost magical.

Choice of focus

So how can we use this to assist in guiding our endeavours? It’s important to choose where to focus. For some this can be a challenge. Some people find it easier to focus on what they don’t want. Of course, as energy goes where attention flows this results in giving energy to that which is not wanted and the tendency to bring more of it into the field of experience. This is also doesn’t provide any guidance toward what is wanted. In a previous article What do I want: preparing for the genie with three wishes I offer some suggestions for troubleshooting these challenges.

A technique to aid focus

I offer a simple yet effective technique for developing and maintaining focus on whatever you choose. If you are not used to flexing your focus and choice ‘muscles’ start gently and don’t worry about aiming for perfection, just aim for good enough ideas -things can be refined over time. This works by generating high level symbols to encapsulate a range of things you want to focus on.

1.  Take a few piko piko breaths and begin to daydream / fantasise about what you want. Ask your Ku to bring you images or ideas about what you would like to focus on. Treat this process uncritically and as a form of play (which appeals to the Ku) and remain relaxed throughout. This will tend to silence any possible manifestation of your ‘inner critic’ which can critique your thoughts and install doubt. You might choose to focus on one or two specific areas of life or more generally. When you have a few ideas that resonate with you, note them down as this provides a symbol of commitment.

2. Remaining in a relaxed open state, tune into your Ku (intuition) and Kane (inspiration) aspects to generate a single word or simple phrase that can symbolically encapsulate all the things you have focussed on. Examples might be: ‘power’. ‘focus’, ‘tenacity’, connection’, ‘self-care’, ‘experimentation’. There are no right or wrong answers, remember the word is just a symbol – so use just whatever feels right to you and trust whatever emerges.

3. The next step is to generate a colour that resonates with the word that symbolises what you want to focus on. This can be whatever colour that feels right to you. You may consider the colour correspondences of the seven principles of Huna and decide which one most aligns with the word that symbolises your high level focus. For example:

Principle Colour Example Associations
Ike White New knowledge; increasing awareness, changing thinking
Kala Red New possibilities, breaking limitations, pushing boundaries
Makia Orange Focus, clarity, energising
Manawa Yellow Presence, starting things, developing authority
Aloha Green Connection, relationships, self love and compassion
Mana Blue Power, confidence
Pono Purple New ways of doing things, success, effectiveness

Again, this is not a precise science – just go with whatever colour resonates the most for you and notice the qualities of the colour such as the hue and brightness.

4. Whilst piko piko breathing, imagine what it would be like attaining what you focus on and as you do so, imagine breathing in the colour symbol so that it fills your body and aura, at the same time mentally repeat the word that symbolises what you want to focus on. Do this ten or so times.

5. During subsequent days take a few moments to repeat the process above (you may do fewer rounds after the initial session). You might do it as part of a morning or evening ritual or whenever you think about something to do with what you are focussed on.

This process will assist your Ku in generating the patterns to help you work toward what you are focussed on. This can also be useful should you feel that you are going ‘off track’ or are losing focus. Doing the exercise at these points provides a way of getting back on track and reaffirming the pattern.

It can be likened to the ancient sea farers using the stars as beacons by which to navigate the seas to their destination and to and keep on course through changing conditions. This process can help you to reach your destination throughout this adventure we call life. May this new year bring you added focus and joy.

Pete Dalton ©2019

This article first appeared on Aloha International.

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