Another Perspective on Compassion

Stewart Blackburn on Compassion

I recently wrote an article on the subject of compassion as it is a topic of great importance to me. In that article I referred to the work of Stewart Blackburn and particularly his excellent recent book 'It's Time To Come Home: With Kindness And Compassion We Come Back To Ourselves.

Self Compassion

I spoke to Stewart about the concept, and practice, of compassion.  An area that Stewart talks about is compassion towards ourselves and he believes that very few people are compassionate towards themselves.

Part of beginning to be compassionate towards ourselves is to understand how we are hurting ourselves.  The ways that we hurt ourselves include:

  • self criticism
  • expectations of self and others
  • body and self image

Stewart believes that the journey of self compassion involves:

understanding what pain we are involved in and treating ourselves with kindness and doing something about it.

The ultimate aim of self compassion is to feel:

I am just fine the way I am, I don't have to do anything to be loved and now I will love myself.

Watch Stewart Talking About Compassion

The short video below is a segment of a conversation I had with Stewart in which he talks about compassion.

Stewart's book 'It's Time to Come Home: With Kindness and Compassion, We Come Back to Ourselves'. Is available now in hard copy or Kindle download via Amazon and as an audiobook.

Stewart's site can be found at:

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