Focusing on the Year Ahead Using Huna Principles


Using the Huna Principles as a Guide for the New Year

For many, the start of the new year is a symbolic date and a point where resolutions are made and attention is given to focusing on the year ahead. Whilst I use the seven Huna principles on a daily basis, they can be effectively applied as a framework to help plan your year ahead.

So as a simple starting point you might want to consider the following points, which are based on each principle, as a guide to help you. It would be useful to set aside some time when you won’t be disturbed and think freely about the following:



Ike is about awareness and your beliefs about what your life can be like. Take some time to think about what you really believe in relation to your future plans. Are these beliefs empowering you or holding you back? What could you choose to believe to make 2018 even better? Why not go ahead and practice starting believing that now.


Kala is about freedom from limitations and restrictions. Consider if there is anything holding you back from achieving your goals? How can you overcome these perceived limitations? Maybe you need to improve some skills, or build courage, confidence or motivation, or perhaps accept more empowering beliefs. Imagine how good would it feel to have more freedom and choice in your life.


Makia is about focus, and this is vital for any endeavour that involves planning. Ask yourself: what do you really want? How much energy are you giving, or going to give, to support the achievement of what you really want? How much attention are you giving to things that are less important? Create some strong emotions around what you want to achieve and expect that your Ku, the part of us that is our inner goal-getter, will be drawn towards that which is emotionally intense and pleasurable.


Manawa is about presence and acting from a place and time of power. Consider how much you live in the present moment and draw on the power of being centred in the now. Planning ahead is great when done from the point of optimal empowerment and that time is now. When considering your plans notice whether you are projecting any fear, doubt or anxiety into the future and imagining things not working out. What if you got centred in the present moment and imagined the future working out just perfectly, how great would that be?


Aloha is about blessing and connection. Take some time to consider what you are grateful for about your life and circumstances over the last 12 months. Connect with the good feelings this can produce. Going forward, think about the qualities or features that you would most admire in your environment and circumstances in 2018 as this will help to begin to attract these towards you.


Mana is about power and authority. How much do you allow yourself to know you have the power to choose what you want and take action? Consider how you can take action to make what you want to happen. As you focus on what you want, begin to build up the confident expectation that it will happen and have faith that you can achieve the outcome.


Pono is about effectiveness, flexibility, and success. Consider the steps that you might take in order to achieve what you want to over the coming year. Allow your imagination flow and daydream about different ways to achieve what you want, this builds flexibility and creativity and can offer new insights. As the means determine the ends, check the means that you will be using and ensure these support the way in which you want to achieve your goal. Life is an adventure which may bring unexpected twists and turns, so remember that flexibility and the ability to adapt plans to changing circumstances are important.

These principles can help you develop a course throughout the new year. If you want a resolution and don’t have one then perhaps you might consider making a resolution to take some time each day to reflect on the seven Huna principles and establishing the habit of using them throughout the year.

Here’s wishing you the best for each and every day of the New Year -Hau’oli Makahiki Hou.

This article first appeared on Aloha International.

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