It's Time to Come Home

Stewart Blackburn's New Book Is Out

In a previous post I mentioned that my friend Stewart Blackburn was on the verge of publishing his new book. He was in the midst of completing the final edits during a particularly interesting time where he lives on Big Island with much heightened volcanic activity.  When I spoke with him recently his descriptions of being in the midst of this period of change in the landscape and environment were fascinating.

Well the book is out now and it is titled 'It's Time To Come Home: With Kindness and Compassion We Come Back to Ourselves'.  I was looking forward to reading this and was not disappointed. I had such great pleasure in reading the book that I found that I had to stop myself reading it in one or two sittings to it would last longer and I could savour it more.

The book coalesces around the metaphor of coming home and is an excellent source of insights, inspirations and thought experiments.  Each chapter ends with a meditation relating to the key topic covered. To support this, Stewart has recorded the meditations and made them available via his Stewart Blackburn You Tube channel.

Topics of Note

This is somewhat of a misleading subheading as I'm hard pushed to pick out specific standout sections of the book as it was all of great interest.  Some examples of the many topics that I found particularly relevant are:

  • The discussion of shame - it's prevalence and the effect it has on us enjoying who we are and what we can do about that
  • The value of keeping your vibration high
  • Personal power - what it is and how to reclaim it
  • Our relationship with our body and how to think about it in the most effective way
  • Compassion - what it is and how vitally important it is in helping us come home

What does it mean to Come Home?

I asked Stewart to discuss what he meant by coming home.  In the video below Stewart explains more:

 The Inspiration Behind Writing It's Time To Come Home

The book draws on the workshops that Stewart has been teaching for many years in Hawaii, some of which I have had the pleasure of attending. Stewart also blends in new insights based on his experience in helping others to come home.  In the short video below Stewart talks about some of the things that inspired him to write the book.

Isn't it Time to be Kinder to Yourself and Come Home?

It's Time To Come Home is a wonderful read for those who want to start, or continue the journey, to come home.  It's great if you want to learn be comfortable with being authentic, be kinder to yourself and simply feel good about being you. I think we could all benefit from this.

Getting the book

Stewart's book 'It's Time to Come Home: With Kindness and Compassion, We Come Back to Ourselves'. Is available now in hard copy or Kindle download via Amazon.

Stewart's site can be found at:

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