Manawa Resurrection Breath Technique for Centering and Presence

How often do we find ourselves uncentered and not present?

The following has been contributed by Jim Fallon and provides a simple and effective symbolic technique for centering which is great to do before any other shamanic practice such as journeying or when you need a ritual to become more grounded in the present moment.

Now Is The Moment of Power

We spend too much time in the past or future. This technique brings energy and awareness back into the present moment. This technique helps practitioners focus on the present.

The steps are simple and are outlined below:

1. To begin, take a comfortable seat. Draw an imaginary line through the center of your body, through your brow, chin, heart, and navel. The area over your left shoulder symbolizes dying to the past, and the area over your right shoulder symbolizes letting go of the future.

2. Turn your head comfortably to the left, and gently blow over your left shoulder a few times, as if blowing out a candle, mentally letting go of the past.

3. With an inhalation, bring your head back to center, sensing the moment, and then turn your head to the right. Gently blow over your right shoulder a few times, and imagine that you’re letting go of the future.

4. Then come back to center once again, the heart center, the now, the present moment. Breathing in, let the corners of your lips turn up slightly, smile from the center of your heart, and as you exhale, say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so grateful for this moment now.”

This technique , when the head is brought forward, the breath that flows in is known as the resurrection breath, in a symbolic way, this new breath is bringing in new life…a spiritual life, and centering you in the present moment.


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