Release the Pressure

The following has kindly been contributed by Steve Drury. Steve is a friend and also an internationally respected author, consultant and psychological entertainer who performs across the UK and abroad. The following is something that Steve wrote entitled Release the Pressure and it struck me as something that was very in keeping with the Huna philosophy so I am proud to share it here.

Release the Pressure

With all the negativity affecting our lives today, we can all occasionally slip into an unconstructive mindset. Certainly, a bit of self-motivation through positive-thinking might be just the thing to help us overcome the need to complain, or ruminate on those things around us that irritate us to the point of despair and frustration.

So firstly, be mindful that our energy goes where our attention flows.

Complaining will not change situations. Complaining is a root of unhappiness and has unfortunately become a trait ingrained in our psyche, and as a result, probably one of our worst habits. We can become focused on how things could be better and are quick to blame others. If we could eliminate just complaining, we could vastly improve our lives – or to put it in another context – if you can get the body to do something, the mind will often follow.

Now the good news is that are many simple things we can do to put a positive spin on things and improve our outlook. For decades, psychology has recognised the benefits of small-scale distraction techniques, one of which I’d like to show you. Be wary however that this become an exercise in futility if my following experiment is ignored.

Ready …? Now all you simply need to do is take a piece of cord, say about 24” or 60cm long and carry it in your pocket or purse … BUT each time you catch yourself complaining, gossiping, criticising or anything generally negative, take out the cord and tie a knot in it – then put it away in a different pocket, or place in your purse.

Do not count the number however until at the end of the day, then see how many knots you have tied. THEN think about it … before you finally untie them. Then you’ll be ready for the following day with an unencumbered piece of cord again.

Studies show that it takes 21 days to change a habit or establish a new one. If you can go 21 days without tying or untying a single knot, you are well on your way to changing your world. It may take you four to ten months before you have a clean cord to work with – but your world will have already improved!

Imagine if you can, a world where there is no complaining, nor criticism or griping. Imagine also that everyone has a piece of cord hanging out of their pocket. The cord, moving back and forth from pocket to pocket, helps you realise how much you take on the victim position in your daily activities. If you think of each knot as a request to become a better person and change things in your life, you are well on your way to changing your mind set. The untying of each knot helps you to see something is changing that has been bugging you.

You are never too old to change, and so, with this guided experiment you can experience positive changes in your life. You become more aware of the good things and blessings in your life. To quote the philosopher Wayne Dyer, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

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