Secrets of Lucid Dreaming

In this article Jim Fallon provides a perspective on lucid dreaming making reference to some Huna concepts.

Lucid dreaming is simply retaining a degree of consciousness awareness in the dream state. Body asleep, mind awake.  Most people simply black out when falling asleep. The secret of lucid dreaming is to learn to fall asleep consciously and slowly. The reason for falling asleep slowly is so that you can have or transfer the continuity of your consciousness from the waking state to the dream state.

Three Basic States of Consciousness

There are three basic states of consciousness:

  • Lono, the waking consciousness, the consciousness of the physical world
  • Ku, the dreaming state of consciousness, the non physical world consciousness
  • Kane the consciousness of the true self, the point of consciousness between the dreaming and waking states of consciousness.

Each time you fall asleep, you pass or flow through these three states of consciousness, or awareness. What you remember is dependent on the degree of awareness (consciousness) that you have in each state.

The Key to Developing Lucid Dreaming

The key to developing lucid dreaming is that as you go from wakefulness into the dream state, you want to remain conscious as you pass through the Kane state, the balanced state of awareness between the waking state and the dream state. This is where the “magic” happens. In psychological terms this in-between state of consciousness is called the hypnopompic/hypnogogic state.

As you move from the waking state toward the dream state and vice versa, you enter this in-between zone. This is the zone where you can decide what you want to “dream about” and create your dream.

It is a state of balance between the waking and dreaming states of consciousness. It is in this zone that your dreams begin to crystallize. So you want to retain a degree of continuity of consciousness to “take” with you into this state. You must be relaxed enough to fall asleep, yet alert enough to take your awareness into this state.

The Process

How to do this:

1) say to yourself “it is now my time to enter into deeper states of mind”. Let go of the daily goals, problems and issues.

2) Perform piko piko from the crown of the head to the ground beneath your feet to relax.

3) begin piko piko from the navel to the forehead to bring more energy and awareness to the higher centres of consciousness in the brain. You can here at this point decide what you want to dream about.

4). Begin to fall asleep slowly and when you do this you will remain conscious that you are, and will at some point, begin to dream. At some point in the dream you will realize that you were dreaming while awake, and that now you are awake but not dreaming.

Movie Theatre Analogy

When you do this, you will understand the mechanism of how dreams are made. A good analogy is a movie theatre where the screen is the world that you project the dream images on to, projected on to the screen by a movie projector, and you are the projectionist.

If you think back to when you were a child, you had the ability to decide what you were going to dream about, then had a dream about that. The point is you already know how to do this. Remember?

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