How to Deal with Bad News: A Huna Perspective

We were kindly sent the following question:

The news concerning our planet is making me sick; I am only one small creature in all the big issues that are happening right now and I don’t know how to live a “normal” life while humanity in a record tempo is destroying our beautiful mother earth.  How to deal with all the bad news?

This is a great question, a very important one and one that many people are asking with major global events at play: war, virus, environmental issues and more.  So, what would be a suitable Huna response? 

Pete says:

Let’s take a look at what commonly happens in these situations.  Many people report experiencing a sense of helplessness in response to such events.  There is a feeling that these events are so huge that there is nothing that they can do to change things and this overwhelm can result in despondency and giving up. Fear is often linked to such situations as is a sense of incompleteness through not being able to find a solution, all this can contribute to the sense of inertia.

It is important to avoid a feeling of helplessness.  In Huna we believe that we can always have agency and there is always something that we can do in every situation even when the situations seems so huge and outside our control.  It is important to remain effective in some way no matter what that is. You may not singlehandedly save humanity or change the world on a grand scale, but there is always something you can do.

Here are some things to consider:

Avoid denial.  It is not uncommon to wish that something that you don’t like is not happening.  Denial causes resistance which in turn causes tension and results in us feeling worse and being in an unresourceful state. Anger at circumstances also has a similar effect. Even though things may not be how we want them to be, acceptance of what is right now is a good starting point.

Bless.  You can always send out blessings and have influence in some way. So, when there are disasters, it is useful to send out helping energy to all the helpers. Also, practice living the Aloha Spirit and blessing locally too. Bless things you admire in your current environment as often as possible.

Do something.  See what you can do in your own environment.   In order to exercise your power you need to begin doing what you can do wherever you are.  This gives you agency and keeps you in your own power.  These don’t have to be huge actions nor do they necessarily have to be directly related to the situation that you don’t like.  Consider anything – plant some flowers, join a help group, clean up rubbish, take an inner journey, meditate etc.  Even sharing pretty, joyous or funny images on social media can help others feel good and do a little bit to increase the goodness in the world.

Of course, everything is connected and we, and our actions, are interconnected in ways that we may not be aware of.  Like chaos theory, we cannot be sure to what extent and where our small actions may have an impact. Aloha has a contagious quality, if we practice it we help it spread further and further and we influence others to share Aloha too.  We may be making more of a difference than we think.

The key is to not give up and not get overwhelmed. Stay in your power and influence what you can influence.  Then check and see how things can be different…….

Stewart says:

The first thing is to be mindful of what you are focusing on. What you are focusing on, in any given moment, is the vibration you are using to create your reality. Right now, you are focused on how dangerous the world is and how awful the world events are. Believe it or not, you are creating precisely what you don’t want with your negative vibration! Don’t forget, you are a very powerful creator being!

Okay, so what do you do instead? I would suggest that the first thing you do is appreciate what is going on right in front of you. Spend considerable time enjoying your world and what’s around you. Then, I would focus on what you would like in your life and enjoy the anticipation of those things.  Include in that focus ideas like how you know that you can have these things and that they will inevitably come to you in their own time.

Let go of your worry! Not only does it not help, but it works against everything you are trying to do. Spirit or your aumakua is working to your benefit. Your job is to not get in the way. Stay as relaxed as you can, trusting that everything is working out perfectly. Enjoy what you can and be open to the messages you are receiving about what else you can do. Holding your vibration as high as you can will help counteract everything that is less loving.

I know it doesn’t seem like enough in the present moment. If you have things that will help you keep your vibration high, then by all means, do them. But, the reality you experience first takes place in the inner realms and that’s where you can be most effective.


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