Mystical Hawaii: Free Meditation Downloads

William ‘Pila’ Chiles is kindly offering all of his meditation tracks for download for free for a limited time.  This a great opportunity to listen to some well produced guided meditations based on Hawaii and Huna.  The four tracks are called:

  • The Sacred Garden
  • The Islands Within You
  • The Journey to LeMuria
  • Initiation into the Dreamtime

They contain a mix of guided meditations and chants and, for a  limited time, are free to download from his site at the link below:

Pila is the author of The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii: A Call to the Soul,  sometimes referred to as ‘The Red Book’.  It is a book that inspired me a lot years ago.  I was fortunate to catch up with Pila a few years back and record a conversation we had about his perspective on Huna, Hawaii and related things.   I will share it on Urban Huna in the future.   So if you fancy delving into some meditations and chants all for free, then pop along to this link as soon as possible:

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