Rapid Still Point

Jim Fallon provides a variation on the Still Point technique which can be used for centering and energising and much more.

What is the Still Point?

In the Hawaiian system the navel (piko) is the symbolic centre for body, mind, and spirit (remember we are born with the umbilical cord attached to this area). This point of awareness is called the Still Point, also referred to as “the Void”. This point is the point of all creation and manifestation, it is a point of singularity consciousness. The Still Point technique is an energy cultivation technique. You’re going to be drawing on the Energy of The Heavens and The Earth.

The essence of the technique is related to physics. If one wishes to convert spirit or mind stuff into matter, we must first condense it, such as drawing it down to the navel piko center. For example, to turn steam into ice, the steam is condensed into water, then frozen. The Still Point uses this collection and condensing of energy, at the navel center, or the door of life,so that it may be converted into matter.

We are going to focus on the navel area center. The Kahunas called it the piko, The Taoists called this the door of life, and had special techniques for dealing with this centre, so did the Hindus, who called it the Navi center, and in Kriya yoga there is an advanced technique called Navi Kriya which just deals with this center….and of course the Tibetans, who had the practice of creating the Dumo fire. I only mention this to show the importance that other cultures also developed for this center.

Getting into the Still Point in Four Breaths!

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Inhale with your attention as high in the universe as you can imagine, exhale with the attention at the navel
  2. Inhale with attention as far down into the center of the earth as you can, exhale with your attention at the navel
  3. Place attention in the center of the head, imagine a small glowing light the size of a marble there and inhale. Exhale, and while exhaling, see this small light ball going from the center of the head down to the navel. This is the part of the method that is different. Your changing your consciousness to “Still Point” consciousness
  4. Inhale with attention at the navel, then exhale and imagine that you are blowing a light sphere from the navel surrounding the body

You are now in the Still Point.

To end, simple imagine the sphere of light around you dissolving.

Another way to end is to again inhale and place the attention at the navel, and on the exhale, see that little ball of light one placed at the navel going back up to the center of the head on the exhale.


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