Bless The Present, Trust Yourself and Expect The Best

What’s in a Phrase? Well lots in this case.

Bless The Present
Trust Yourself
Expect The Best

This three lined deceptively simple phrase provides the key to improving effectiveness at any point.  It draws on the power of the Huna principles, for example, the blessing of Aloha and the presence of Manawa, the inner certainty of Mana and the focus on good outcomes with Makia.

If you are ever at a loss for something to do in a situation, it is worth bring to mind this phrase and seeing how it can be applied, after all with the principle of Pono, there is always another way to do something……

In the following video Serge King explains how the lessons stemming from this phase can be applied in stress reduction and creating success in an ever changing world.  Enjoy!

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