5 Reasons I Love Huna- Paula Brown

I have asked a range of people why they have been been drawn to Huna and what they most value about it. I asked fellow Alakai, Paula Brown to provide 5 reasons why she loves Huna. I hope this inspires you. (Paula also provided the neat illustration for the post).

Huna Found Me!

My intense interest in Huna jumps from my soul purpose in life, my own “way of life”. After discovering Huna (Kahili family origin) I found myself aligned at home with the philosophy. Huna found me, I did not find Huna! You ask about communicating “5 reasons I love Huna”, here is my stab at narrowing the focus!

1. Coming Home

There is an undeniable feeling of coming “home”, home to my soul center for me as I embrace Huna. My soul finds a safe welcome in the principles that express the infinite possibilities in the present moment, expressing the power of love and happiness, all while I become aware of “what I focus on” creates my reality. Soul home for me.

2. A "Wholistic” Way Of Life

Huna harmonizes, heals, and marries body, mind, soul practices. Living or being in a totally “wholistic” way of life.

3. Ohana

There is a warm inclusive feeling and welcoming to merge mind with spirit in not only myself yet with other like minded souls. My true Ohana, family.

4. A Touchstone To The Good

For myself, Huna is a touchstone to the good, the grace, the joy to be found in life as I take my journey into known and unknown spaces. NOT a religion, rather a philosophy that encourages adventure, curiosity, imagination, and intellect.

5. Applicable In All Areas Of Life

I can apply the philosophy to very much all in my life from business, my own spiritual beliefs, to personal relationships, with the most important being my own integrity to my cherished values. The intrinsic values of Huna align with my own “non-negotiable” values.

Other than the 5 above, I have such a profound feeling of being at “HOME” in Huna…as well as with the folks who come into my life that also live Huna as a way of life.


Paula Brown is a Heartist / Animal Communicator / Illustrator, as well as Alakai for Huna (Kahili Family). You can find more information about Paula at: www.animalhearttalk.com and www.picturestorming.com Check out her current offer Finding Your Animal Spirit Guide Workshop / Class, on-line Zoom: October 3, 2020!

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