Hale Huna: Moving On

Hale Huna, Aloha International’s Huna centre in Volcano Village is on the market for sale.  I have such amazing memories of visiting Hale Huna on various occasions and will really miss visiting there in the future, but as we know the one constant is change and things move on.

Hale Huna has been the location of wonderful experiences for many many people from all over the world for many years.  Just some of the things that I would like to celebrate about Hale Huna are:

Knowledge and Learning Huna

Of course, the Huna centre has been the focus for teaching the Kahili lineage of Huna on Big Island.  Many people have developed Huna knowledge and skills at Hale Huna which have benefitted them in all areas of life. It was an amazing place to learn.


Hale Huna housed Serge’s museum of Hawaiian artefacts, as well as, other fascinating items from Polynesia.  I recall many hours of finding out about particular objects  -their energy, history and uses.  A really amazing collection.

Volcano Village and Kilauea Volcano

Well Volcano Village itself is a really special place.  It is a rustic village in the middle of a lush rainforest and is famous for its beauty and tranquility.  Travelling from the hustle and bustle of the UK’s second city- this place is ….different. It is near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with it’s amazing environment and Kilauea volcano – one of the most active volcanoes on earth.

Hospitality and Gloria’s Snacks

I recall the warm welcome everytime I visited Hale Huna.  It was great to return to see Serge and Gloria and they always demonstrated the value of ho’okipa – the hospitality of giving and welcoming everyone with the true spirit of Aloha.  I was always pleased to partake in the wonderful pū-pū (snacks) that Gloria provided for visitors each time.

Friendship and Connection

Perhaps the one overall thing to celebrate about Hale Huna is the connections made and friendships formed through various visits there.  Each time I visdited it was great to catch up with old friends and make new ones, share stories, learn together and just enjoy Aloha of each others’ company.

Things move on, but it’s like the whole of Hawaii, if you connect with the place and the energy, you can nurture the Hawaii – the Hale Huna inside.  There’s always new adventures…..

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