Why Learn Huna? Serge King Knows

Why learn and practice Huna?

There are so many reasons to learn and use Huna. It is almost an endless list and at a very high level this includes:

Personally: become more empowered, harmonious and joyful

With others: have a positive impact on others, harmonise relationships

Beyond that: work with the Aloha Spirit and contribute to making the world a better place.

Within each of these areas there are many many benefits from using this wonderful philosophy for living.

My own personal experience with Huna is that it has been completely transformational and provides a wonderful lens through which I see and interact with the world.

As the Huna we practice and teach is that of the Kahili lineage, it seems appropriate to share the video below of Serge Kahili King talking about just some of the benefits of learning Huna.

An Opportunity to Learn Huna

In June Stewart Blackburn and I am running a four part online workshop An Introduction to Huna: A Shamanic Path to Inner Harmony and Power​

If you wish to join us and learn about this powerful system we start with session 1 on 3rd of June and there is currently an early booking discount if you book on (pay in full or just the deposit) in the next few days.

Details are at the link below, you would be most welcome to join us.

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