More Perspectives on the Huna Adventurer

This summer I had the good fortune to visit Hawaii and connect with old friends and make new friends and to experience again the fascinating landscape and magic of the Hawaiian Islands. One of the things I did while there was visit a friend, Stewart Blackburn who lives in Kalapana on Big Island.  Stewart teaches workshops on the island focussed on aspects of what he terms Heart Centered Shamanism.  I filmed some of the discussions we had during our time together and they contain some interesting observations.

In the short clip below I ask Stewart about his perspective on the adventurer approach to life.

I like his notion of growth and the exploration of being as something slightly different to mission and purpose. He also makes a point about the ongoing cycle of life’s adventures.  I particularly like the following quote from Stewart’s response:

A question defines an adventure. The answer merely says that the adventure is over.  It is in the exploration that we really get to grow.

I am grateful to Stewart for his insights and also he provided some lovely images from his wonderful rainforest/ garden area for the intro images.  I hope you enjoy the clip.  Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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