The 3 most important things I learned about myself because of Huna

In this article we (Stewart and Pete) reflect on some of the most important things we learned about ourselves as a result of the study and practice of Huna.

Stewart’s Reflections

When I started thinking about what I’ve learned about myself from Huna, I was a little shocked at how much my entire world view has shifted and particularly around my view of myself. I read my first book about Huna in the late ‘80’s, and naturally I would have changed anyway over time. But the philosophy of Huna helped more than anything else.


The first thing that comes to mind is that I am more powerful than I ever suspected! Once I began grasping the 7 Principles of Huna, I realized that I had a roadmap to person power in my hands. I had never seen anything that so clearly outlined what power is, how power works, and how to use it. Like everyone else I had to incorporate the principles into my being in order to make use of them and that took a while. But the results were amazing and I am forever grateful for their efficacy!


The next thing that I learned about myself is that I am more complex than I ever thought! When I learned about the 3 Selves I was dazzled. Here was a way of looking at myself that made much more sense to me than anything I had learned in schools of any kind. I used to be in my head so much that I didn’t recognize that there was a body-mind at all! It never occurred to me that my body was more important than merely getting me places and providing a certain level of pleasure. Seeing it as extraordinarily powerful and loving consciousness changed everything. And understanding how my conscious mind worked in partnership with my body was a revelation. Adding to that understanding that my Higher Self was an active player in my life opened doors to parts of myself that I am still exploring.


And the third important thing I learned about myself from Huna is that my happiness is in my own hands, and no one else’s! It took me a long time to really grasp that I have to take responsibility for everything in my life. I most certainly didn’t want to buy into that one! I didn’t have to say I created all the messes I found myself in (later on I would.) But I had to accept that I was responsible for getting myself out of every single one of them. And when I started doing that I found that I was making choices that made me happier and happier. What a revelation! I was in charge of my own happiness! Not blaming others freed me in ways I never would have suspected.

I am grateful for the many other ways that Huna has helped me change but these are the three that I think are most important.

Pete’s Reflections

Having got a taste for it and my curiosity piqued, I made a decision to track down Serge in person and delve deeper into Huna. This led to a meeting with him in Germany in 2008. From then on, I immersed myself deeply in the Huna philosophy as my key guiding principle and began applying it in all aspects of my life.

This is, of course, an ongoing work in progress so isolating the three most important things I have learned about myself as a result is nigh on impossible. As I reflect on various points in my development, some things come into the foreground and take more prominence as other things recede into the background in what seems like an ever-shifting cycle or gestalt of learning and relevance. I will attempt to share what seems like the three most important things, as of now.


The first thing I have learned about myself is a huge thing and that is that I am always connected. Huna really helped me to experience and appreciate how interconnected things are. Internally this has led to me understanding how interrelated various aspects of myself are and how to work with, and honour, the drives of these aspects in order to be most effective.

Externally I appreciate how much I am connected to the wider universe. Perhaps most profound is the spiritual experience of being connected to, and part of, something bigger than what I used to consider as myself before discovering Huna. The sense of connection is the foundation of the Spirit of Aloha and supports my ability to influence and live harmoniously and compassionately.


The second thing that I have learned is that I always have a choice. This awareness of choice is like a super power. I can take responsibility for the choices I make including the choices I make about how I feel about things. Likewise, Huna emphasizes the ability to view the world through one or more of at least four perspectives (objective, subjective, symbolic and holistic). This flexibility to choose to see things from a range of perspectives increases my awareness and provides me with increased flexibility.


The third thing that I have learned about myself through Huna is that my attitude is important. Huna has made aware of how my attitude can affect how I view and interact with the world. The ‘adventurer’ tradition of Huna has influenced me greatly and part of this involves adopting a particular attitude to people, life and circumstances. This attitude is one of befriending and curiosity as well as a certain playfulness and I am convinced this has made me a more resourceful and happier person as a result.

Stewart Blackburn and Pete Dalton ©2022

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