The Huna Approach to Healing Relationships Online Event with Serge Kahili King

Join Serge Kahili King on Monday 10th May 7-9pm UK time

I am pleased to be hosting my dear friend Serge Kahili King on 10th May for an online event ‘The Huna Approach to Healing Relationships.

In Huna, the kupua (Polynesian style shaman) is a healer of mind, body, spirit and circumstances. In the Adventurer tradition of Huna there is a strong emphasis on relationships whether that be relationships within an individual as well as relationships between people, animals, objects and events. The Huna Adventurer works on harmonising relationships wherever possible.

The Need for Harmony

It seems to me that there is always potential to harmonise relationships and world events are demonstrating the easy fragility that there can be in relationships and the need for more harmony.

In his book Healing Relationships Serge writes:

“What’s really amazing is that so many people do figure out how to get along all by themselves, without any help. What’s so sad is that so many people don’t know how to do it, for whatever reason. Leaving out the people who just don’t want to get along with others, I think that everyone who wants to get along can do so, because I believe that, fundamentally, everyone does want to get along. I also believe that all it takes is some simple knowledge of what to do, and how to do it.”

This event then is particularly timely and I hope you will consider joining us. Further information and booking can be found here:

There is a discounted price for early booking.

Any questions just get in touch

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