A Lesson About Change From Serge King

Lava Flows on Big Island brings Big Changes

In May 2018 volcanic activity increased around the Kilauea Volcano on Big Island.  This resulted in eruptions, the opening of fissures, increases in volcanic smog (Vog), many many earthquakes and an increased flow of lava on the eastern side of the Island.

As a result, there were evacuations and the landscape of the island has, in places, altered significantly due to the flow of lava.

This has brought about a huge amount of change for plants, animals and people on Big Island.  I last visited the area in 2017 and many of the places that I went to are now inaccessible or changed beyond recognition.

 A Changed Landscape

The video below, is a time lapse video based on the US Geographical Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory lava flow maps between May 16 and June 25, 2018. It shows the considerable extent of the flow during this period.

Change is Inevitable

One of the deeper meanings of Huna points to the constant state of flux that underlies this reality – the ebb and flow of the wave of existence. While change can in some cases  result in challenges, there is an inevitability about it. Footage of the lava flow on Big Island showed how awesome the power of the lava flow was.  Anything in the path of the flow cannot resist the change that will come about.

Serge King Reflects On What Can Be Learned From These Events

My dear friend Serge King was affected by the recent volcanic activities. This resulted in the settlement where Serge  lived being in the path of the lava flow with the resultant destruction of properties there including his own. I talked to Serge shortly after this event and in the short clip below he shares some reflections of what can be learned from these events.

Where inevitable change is concerned, there are many ways in which one can react. One reaction is to dwell on what has been lost and what is no longer, which can result in prolonged bouts of anger, regret and sadness. Another reaction is the look to the new reality and the possibilities that it may bring and to remember the past with fondness acknowledging it is no longer there. From a Huna Adventurer perspective, there are always new adventurers to be had and I wish Serge and Gloria the best with their new adventure.

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