Serge King Discusses the Eye of Kanaloa Symbol in Huna

The Importance of Symbolism

Philosophies from around the world, including Huna, draw upon a vast store of symbolism for different purposes.  The nature of symbols vary greatly and include gestures, movements, objects and images.  There is a great body of literature and lore concerned with the importance, interpretation and use of various symbols. Concerning symbols, the mythologist Joseph Campbell wrote:

A symbol is an energy evoking and directing agent.

In modern western psychology, figures such as Freud and Jung have written about and postulated various theories about symbols, their use and interpretation. Ancient cultures all have their rich systems of symbolism as does Huna which draws upon the Hawaiian tradition.

The Eye of Kanaloa

One of the symbols used in Huna is the Eye of Kanaloa.  There are many qualities and meanings attributed to each aspect of the symbol including: Aloha (Love); Mana (Power); and the integration of aspects of the self - Lono (Conscious Mind), Ku (Body Mind), and Aumakua (Higher Self). The Eye of Kanaloa also represents the Web of Life or the Aka Web, acknowledging that everything is connected. At the centre of the web is the Huna Kupua (Adventurer) as the weaver of the dream of life. Learning and using the Huna philosophy can help you to become the weaver of your own dreams.  The Eye of Kanaloa symbol can be used as a point of focus in meditation and to generate energy effects.

I spoke to Serge King about the Eye of Kanaloa and you can see the video clip below.  There is also more information about the Eye of Kanaloa on the Aloha International site here:

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