Tell Us Your 5 Reasons to Love Huna

What Are Your 5 Reasons To Love Huna?

If someone asked you for five reasons you loved Huna, I wonder what you would say? Well here’s your chance to answer that question.

I am undertaking a Huna related project and am looking for people’s answer to that question.

I am interested in getting a range of responses and analysing them to find out where there are common areas and differences.  There are lots of possible reasons why you might love Huna so here is a chance to reflect on why that might be.

How can you contribute?

If you want to contribute that would be fantastic.  All that is required is that you  draft a response to the statement:

Here are five reasons I love Huna”

and email it to me at here.

It’s that simple.  This can be as short or as long as you like and if it can be personal to you that’s great. All submissions will be appreciated in whatever format- a few paragraphs, a small novel (only joking!) or a few words. These don’t have to be in any order of priority just 5 reasons whatever they may be.

I am genuinely interested to find out about people’s different perspectives as well as satisfy my inner research geek! It could be an opportunity to reflect on Huna and only relevant if there are 5 things you love about Huna. I will summarise the key points -similarities and differences and share them with you as well.

If you know anyone who might be able to contribute then please pass this information on – the more the merrier.  I am hoping for responses by August 2020 and hope you can take part.

Any questions please just get in touch here.

With blessings for happiness, peace, love and freedom ?


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