Welcome To A New Huna Adventure


Thank you for visiting the newly revised Urban Huna website.  It’s taken longer than expected to revise the site and at last, it’s done, or at least, at last, is has begun.  Sometimes the most challenging part of any project or journey is beginning. Just taking that first step and setting off.  So let’s consider this the first step of something new and exciting that will unfold.  I hope you like the site as it develops.   Please get in touch and let me know what you think.

What was all that?

He ihona, he pi`ina, he kaolo
A going down, a going up, a going on a level road (life has it's ups and downs).

This Hawaiian proverb could sum things up….It’s been a busy year or so with one thing and another, some endings and farewells, challenges to address and learn from, laughter and connection and new beginnings and new adventures.  And yes, I have been up to lots of ‘stuff’, too much to go into in a single post. I’ll share more as time goes on.  I’ve learned some new approaches to healing, trained people in a range of personal development techniques, taught hypnosis, explored time travel techniques and, of course, practiced and delved even deeper into Huna.  Huna, of course, is my true passion and provides the overall guiding principles for what I do. I am extremely grateful to all my teachers and students and people who have supported me along the way.  Much much appreciation.  You could say there has been a lot of life going on – which is a good thing.

What’s Next?

So what’s happening next?  Well, it’s goodbye to the previous Urban Huna website, it served me well.  Now it’s the next stage of the adventure.
I’ll be writing more on Huna both on this website and for Aloha International so please sign up to get new items emailed directly to you as well as to keep up to date with happenings.

I am also planning some UK Huna trainings.  There are so much rich content and topics that can be covered so my current activity involves planning and structuring workshops so that there are options for people with no knowledge of Huna as well as options for people who may want to learn more about Huna, cover new ground and specific aspects etc.  I want to deliver excellent value and do justice to what I consider the most inspirational body of knowledge out there.  The overall frame for it all will be exploring the path of the Huna adventurer and awakening and enhancing your own life’s adventure and all the magic that that entails.

Alongside this, I will also be developing some Huna products to help to share Huna in other ways.  I will also be spending some time in Hawaii later in the year to catch up with old friends including Serge King, make new friends and to enjoy some new experiences along the way.

Stay Connected

Thank you for reading, I hope you will stay connected with me along the way.  You might consider signing up for Pete's notes and blog posts, liking the Urban Huna Facebook page, following on Facebook and Twitter and just generally keeping in touch.  I would love your feedback, comments, and messages.  Just getting in touch to say ‘Hi’ would be great. Onwards with the adventure! I hope you will join me

Pete 🙂

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