Pendulum Healing

In this article Jim Fallon provides his perspective on pendulum healing and how it relates to some key Huna concepts.

Pendulum Healing vs Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum dowsing is not the same as pendulum healing. In a nutshell: DOWSING is asking questions and looking for answers and its result is a piece of INFORMATION. PENDULUM HEALING is creating CHANGE in our reality by focusing and directing our intent with the help of a pendulum. Pendulum healing result is energetic change in the MATRIX which should manifest relevant change on physical plane. In pendulum healing it is changing the energy of the environment, or situation, generally bringing change you want to manifest in the specific way in specific situation.

To truly, permanently, change your life for the better, you must learn how to communicate at the cellular level. Otherwise, you are doomed to remain stuck in negative patterns. You can program your entire self - your conscious, subconscious, and cellular minds - to achieve the external outcomes you desire. You can learn how effective cellular communication may even overcome congenital health problems and other seemingly unchangeable conditions. You can achieve this with the pendulum.

How Does Pendulum Healing Work?

The pendulum is a bilateral communications feedback device. This means that not only can the pendulum receive messages from your Ku, but you can also transmit to program your Ku. Your Ku is directly linked with the Aka field. Let’s examine how this works, from both a Huna perspective and a newer "Quantum Physics" perspective.

The Huna perspective states that when you put focused attention on something, you are connected with it through the Aka field. The Ku is directly connected with this field, where all information is. With this field, one is connecting with a pattern of information on what they are focusing their attention. Then part of the Ku gives information that it has received about the pattern one has connected with. It then causes one's micro muscular movement in the hands to move the pendulum according to the pattern of information which has meaning to the conscious mind.

Receiving this information, or becoming more sensitive to it, is enhanced by clearing the mind and relaxing the body by the simple practice of Piko Piko. This communication is based on the Huna principle, "there are no limits", everything is connected. The Huna principle "Now is the moment of power", allows for the future to be changed. All one needs to do to change the future is to change what you are doing in the present. With Huna one learns how to relax and also create an Aka connection for instant use in connection for receiving and creating, manifesting or changing an existing reality.

Additional Huna principles are used in this process, such as Ike, which in this case means to be aware of what you want to change or heal when you focus your attention, and Makia, which means focus. In this use it means to focus your attention on the new patterns of information that are received that will resolve the situation. Since the pendulum is a biofeedback device, one can program the Ku to create something in the Aka Field which must eventually manifest in this "ordinary" or objective reality.

A Modern Interpretation

A more "modern explanation", is as follows: All sensory information from our environment that is received through our senses is initially processed first by the Ku, or subconscious mind, not the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is running the "body" with "software", or programmed beliefs, and information it is picking up from the environment 95% of the time. It is a massive computer, with a very large communications bandwidth, and can process millions of bits of information per second. The conscious mind, Lono, is a much smaller processor that can only process 10 bits of information per second. Only a very small amount of the information received by the subconscious is passed to the conscious mind awareness.

Since the conscious mind operates with a narrow bandwidth, only a very small amount of subconscious data becomes aware to the conscious mind. A very good example of this is that when you watching satellite or cable TV, you may see the video image freeze frame, or see large squares of color in the video image. This is because of the signal being received experiencing a bandwidth narrowing, and all the video picture information can not get through because to the narrow bandwidth, so some video information is lost in the display of the video image. The information never makes it to the TV receiver, as some of the information never makes it to conscious awareness. This information is lost or discarded by the smaller processing data capability of the conscious mind.

Science is now stating that the subconscious mind is connected to the "field." or quantum field of all possibilities, and has access to all information, even information that is hidden or not available to the conscious mind. The trick is bringing this information into conscious awareness, where the information can be utilized. That is where the pendulum comes in.

As the sensory data is received by what science calls a "non local field", it affects the human nervous system. This effect is the basis of the ideo-motor response, or unconscious micro muscle movements. The pendulum is responding to these movements.

How the Subconscious Receives the Information You Are Seeking

The question to be asked is "How does the subconscious know/receive the answers to the information you're seeking?"

Huna states that it is because of the connection with the Aka field and gets information as patterns.

Quantum Physics states this as a theory of Quantum Entanglement. This is a theory of non-locality, which uses a concept that "things" are "entangled" or connected. Because of this entanglement with particles, a causative correlation is established. This effect forms an association at the quantum level, which allows influences that affect one particle to affect the other. This is referred to as non-locality. This nullifies the idea that the information, or bits of data travels between the particles, and instead, that it is somehow already and instantly connected on another level of existence (the Aka field).

This means that even if the particles are separated by a distance, if you affect one, you instantly affect the other.

Changing Reality for Situations

Method 1

The simple technique and very effective way of doing this with a pendulum is to follow Serge King’s "secret shaman way of stone casting" on the Urban Shaman Video.

Example: You are using your pendulum for a yes/ no response to a question, and you get a no response. But you really desire a yes response to this situation. If you want to change the outcome, then we take the pattern of information we received through the pendulum, and start changing things Now, because now is the moment of power. If we change this pattern, we change the future outcome.

Simply perform Piko Piko and say to yourself to make the pendulum swing in the Yes response direction, what Serge King says on the Urban Shaman video, "This is the way I want it to be, like this so listen up Ku, send out the message    (insert here the desired outcome, such as "were going to have a great relationship."

Sit there with your pendulum, again breath in the Piko Piko way, and move the pendulum again to the yes response, or the new pattern you have created. The more energy and emotion you can put into it, and keep physically moving the pendulum to the yes response, and keep repeating "That this is the new pattern" This starts the new information going into the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind will establish the new pattern.

Method 2

This is the same as method 1; except the statement is changed. DO NOT swing the pendulum to the "yes" response. Tell your Ku to "Start arranging and doing everything that is needed to accomplish (insert intent here). Give me a yes indication when you have finished putting everything into action". Simply wait while repeating the statement unit you get the yes.


Use method 1 or 2, changing the statement with a Dynamind power statement such as" I have the power to heal now I am healing give me a yes indication when you have finished putting everything into motion to achieve my healing"

Why Healing Works

Your cells are controlled by the environment they are in. They can also receive energetic "signals" that will determine their function. In a very simply explanation, the environment your cells are in is your blood. Your mind generates a thought; the thought is in the brain which produces chemicals in response to that thought. These chemicals go into the bloodstream, which the cells are then exposed to. Reprogramming the subconscious mind, changes the thinking, which changes the thoughts, which changes the production of chemicals that enter the blood, which the cells are exposed to, which then changes the cell's environment and changes the cell.

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