The Dynamind Technique: A Method for Healing and Harmonising

What is Dynamind?

The Dynamind Technique, DMT, or Dynamind as it is often known, is a useful technique for addressing, physical, emotional and mental issues. The method was developed by Serge King based on extensive research and testing, all of which is detailed in his book Healing for the Millions: The Amazing Dynamind Technique.

Dynamind combines a number of practices, common in the Hawaiian Huna approach to healing and harmonising, into a single easy to use technique. From a Huna perspective the technique follows the haipule manifestation process. Broadly, the method involves using a combination of breath, words, imagery and touch. The blend of each different aspect provides a cumulative effect, enhancing the overall efficacy of the technique.

How can Dynamind Help?

Dynamind can assist in bringing the mind and body together in harmony. This Huna approach posits that dis-ease, disharmony and imbalance is as a result of tension which ultimately manifests in the body. The Dynamind Technique works by relieving that tension. The process may be done in a number of rounds in which more layers of tension are released. This reflects the notion that tension can be held throughout the body in different layers and is related to the Hawaiian word ‘mahiki’ one of the meanings of which is ‘to peel away’ as in peeling away layer by layer.  Other meanings include: to jump, leap, hop, move up and down, vibrate; to cast out spirits; to treat in turn, as in ho’oponopono; and to treat for deep troubles.

The Dynamind Technique can help with a range of presenting issues including: physical issues such as pain and physical healing; mental issues such as criticism, self-worth and doubt; and emotional issues such as anxiety, guilt and sadness. In addition, Dynamind can be used to assist with generative improvements including motivation and goal achievement. There are many variants of the basic Dynamind Technique. One – the ‘Dynamind Toner’ is useful for general tension relief and inspiring positivity at any time.

Dynamind is a flexible tool and can be used in combination with other modalities. It has also been used to complement or enhance other Huna practices such as working with dreams; shamanic journeying; divination; and manifesting. I hope to share some examples of this in future posts.

Some Dynamind Resources

I would encourage you to find out more about Dynamind and see how you can use it in your life.  The following are some resources about The Dynamind Technique that may be of interest.

A free PDF of the basic Dynamind Technique and how to do it, and some of the variants was produced as part of the Aloha Project is available at

 Additional information can be found here.

A study into the use of Dynamind can be found here

Healing for the Millions: The Amazing Dynamind Technique is available for purchase here.

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