The Shaman's Mind - New Huna Book

A New Huna Book

Well - the 7th of July 2020 arrived! I am excited to announce that fellow alakai Jonathan Hammond has written a book on Huna and it has just been released for publication.

Entitled 'The Shaman's Mind: Huna Wisdom To Change Your Life' the book outlines Jonathan's approach to using the gift of Huna knowledge in his own life and in working with others.

I provided the following review of the book:

"Drawing upon his lived experience and unique awareness, Jonathan Hammond provides an authentic and accessible guide to the wonderful insights and possibilities that Huna presents. The Shaman’s Mind provides both an inspirational and practical resource to assist anyone in incorporating the principles and practice of Huna into their daily life. Written with the spirit of Aloha, this book is a wonderful source of empowerment and understanding".

It is great to see this finally reach publication, as Jonathan put a great deal of focussed effort into it and embodied the seven principles of Huna in doing so.

It is especially exciting to see this book, as during the period that Jonathan was writing it, he was also undertaking his work to become and alakai of Huna International and I had the role of mentor to Jonathan during that process, which of course was a great honour.

The Shaman's Mind: Huna Wisdom To Change Your Life is published by Monkfish Publishing and available to purchase from bookstores including Amazon

I will share more about Jonathans's work in a subsequent post where we will explore a bit more about the inspiration for the the book and Jonathan shares more about his work.

You might also be interested in ana rticle that Jonathan has written previosuly for Urban Huna - Honu Medicine.

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