Serge Kahili King talks about Lucid Dreaming

In the video below, Serge King provides a few insights about the phenomenon known as Lucid Dreaming.  Serge has been an active dreamer for many years and has recorded his dreams and written about them and the art of dreaming in his recent Dream Tech book which you can watch him discussing in this post here:  serge-king-discusses-dream-tech-and-the-practical-value-of-dreaming 

Serge points out that there are different kinds of experiences in dreams that could be termed 'lucid' i.e. clear.  These include:

  • You have as sense that you are you.
  • You are aware that it is an illusion
  • You make conscious decisions to change events and circumstances
  • You can make changes at the same time as knowing it is not real

Self confidence and self esteem are just some of the benefits are lucid dreaming can be carried into different aspects of your life.

Lucid Dreaming is quite topical at the moment.  Last month Jim Fallon contributed an article on The Secrets of Lucid Dreaming and I am actively working on improving my dream recall and lucid dreaming practices for  variety of reasons that are important to me right now. In May, I  am also hosting a Lucid Dreaming workshop and support sessions with Hayden Ebert a experienced lucid dreamer from the UK. It is open to all and details can be found here: Learn the Art of Lucid Dreaming

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