Hawaii Lava Flows: A Reflection on Beauty and Power

The image above was taken by excellent photographer and fellow alakai Astrid Mohr-Kiehn whose work can be seen here: https://www.amk-pictures.com. This photo was taken on the Big Island at Isaac Hale Beach Park, also known as the site of Pohoiki Boat Ramp.  It is the point at which one of the last points of the 2018 lava flow stopped and it depicts a dramatic situation.

The lava flow wrapped around the Beach Park but left most of it untouched.  Reflecting on the image and when she took the photo Astrid writes:

It is quite an experience standing at that spot, with the lava towering pretty high on one side, and the rest untouched by it on the other side, like the picnic bench in my picture.

It is indeed an amazing image.

At the link below you can hear Serge King talking more about the effect of the lava flow and how it can teach us about flexibility and change. https://www.urbanhuna.org/a-lesson-about-change-from-serge-king/

Reflecting on inspiring images

Images take us beyond the day to day language of words. Certain images can inspire us and move us at a deep level. The Isaac Hale Beach park image provides an opportunity to practice ‘nalu’ a useful contemplation technique. In its simplest form this involves taking some time to look at the image, tuning in and noticing what you notice.  Stop when you feel satisfied that it is the right time to stop. If you want to share your experiences I would love to hear from you.

I am looking for inspirational images for the Huna Adventurer’s newsletter so if you would like to contribute please contact me at: pete@urbanhuna.org. If requested contributors will be credited.

Many thanks again to Astrid for contributing this amazing photograph. More of her images can be seen at: https://www.amk-pictures.com/

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