Combining Feng Shui with Dynamind, Healing Shapes, and other Huna techniques.

Huna techniques and approaches are easily combined with other techniques and approaches.  In this fascinating article, Jim Fallon writes about how to go about solving problems by combining Feng Shui with Dynamind, Healing Shapes, and other Huna techniques.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of studying and changing patterns in the environment. Dynamind is a technique for relieving tension and refocusing the mind. Healing Shapes are geometric figures that can be applied mentally or physically for many kinds of healing. This article shows a way to combine Feng Shui with these and other Huna-based techniques for solving whatever problem you want to work on.

If you want to take traditional Feng Shui study and discover how to use the compass to determine what is in various corners of an area, what to do with remedies such as mirrors, or addressing the clutter, that’s fine, but not necessary for the purpose here, because we are going to use a more intuitive approach.

The first thing to do is to pick a space to work in. This could be a room in your house or a well-defined space outside. The second thing to do is to gather about ten to twenty objects and put them in your space (you could also work with objects that are already there). It really doesn’t matter what the objects are – rocks, coins, collectables, dishware, even furniture could all work.

You are going to use the objects to make a pattern by moving them around with a specific intent in mind. The is the Feng Shui process. The pattern shape does not matter. Your intent does, as you rearrange and place the objects around. Your intent is what drives the pattern that you will make, and your feeling about the pattern is your feedback. There are no fixed rules about this. Your intuition guides the process and your intuitive feeling tells you when the arrangement is complete.

Before you start the Feng Shui process, decide what you are doing the Feng Shui for. What is it that you want? Attitude change, healing, making Huna work better for you? Once you have decided what you want, the process can begin.

Using Dynamind with Feng Shui

This is where one can start integrating Dynamind with Feng Shui. It is recommended that the reader become familiar with The Dynamind Technique before going on.

The Dynamind Power Statements are particularly useful to combine with the Feng Shui pattern change.


“I have the power to speak in front of people without getting nervous, yes I do. Make it happen, make it so!”

Then start rearranging items, say in your kitchen, with this intention.

Or: “My body knows how to get rid of my excess fat, yes it does, and my body is starting to do that now!”

Or: “give me a symbol that will allow____________”

Then arrange the objects to comply with the symbol received or power statement.

The Dynamind Toner Statements are also very good for this purpose. Just rearrange the objects with the Toner in mind.

Using Navel Focus with Feng Shui

Another way to do the process, more simple, but very effective, is to mentally place your intention in your navel center as you move your objects around. You could also do this while you clean a room, or remove clutter. Where you rearrange things and place things does not matter. What matters is your intention. This is the main objective. You can have the intent to be creative, to make money, to meet a new person, etc. What ever your intent is, move the objects around with this intent in mind. that is really all there is to it.

Using Healing Shapes with Feng Shui

You could also arrange things in an archetype of a pattern, say a circle, square, triangle, it does not matter. Using Serge King’s concept of Healing Shapes works great. You can find more information on them here, but here are the basics:

Arrange something in the space…

in a Circle to – Heal!
in a Triangle to – Increase!
in a Square to – Strengthen!
in an X to – Stop!

Using Kahi Loa with Feng Shui

Kahi is actually Hawaiian type of skin massage, but it can be applied to many other things. For a full description of Kahi read the last chapter of Serge Kahili King’s book Instant Healing. Here I will only mention part of one aspect.

Hold one hand up in the air with the fingers point skyward while thinking what the current situation feels like (for example, your current financial situation) while inhaling. Then hold the other hand with fingers spread over the objects and thinking “how would it feel, or what would it feel like if this financial situation was changed?” while exhaling and rearranging the pattern, one object at a time (of course this would work best with fairly small objects).

Harmonious Energy Flows

Shamans have sacred objects in their medicine bag. They remove the objects from the medicine bag and arrange then to represent the way they want their universe represented. Feng shui is about making harmonious “energy flows” by rearranging objects.

Energy flows where your attention and intent is placed. It is the intention put forth that creates the proper pattern. The intention will be that this Feng Shui pattern you are creating is creating your intent. Also keep in mind the principle of Quantum entanglement.

Intention gives power to everything you do, even through words, because intention comes from thought, which in turn connects to the Universe. Giving intent sends signals to improve things the way you want them to be.

Hence, Feng Shui is in line with the principles of Huna, which are about allowing for other possibilities by manipulating the quantum field of possibilities (you are symbolically moving objects in this case as a representative of the field).

To recap, the mind governs intentions that influence external surroundings to attract good “energies” whether for good fortune or for a life situation.

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