Experience The Joy Of Huna

An Empowering Philosophy

Without doubt Huna has been the single most empowering philosophy that I have come across. Adopting the practices and assumptions of Huna has contributed to my success, wellbeing and happiness and I believe, has helped me to help others too. I am extremely glad that I took those first steps to finding out more about Huna and how to use it in my daily life.

Of course I am not alone in this view, as part of Aloha International I am in touch with a fantastic network of alakai – leaders- who use and share Huna all around the world. Also through Urban Huna, I have come across many people who have started using Huna in their everyday life and have reported amazing results.

How People Have Benefitted From Huna

I have always been curious how others use Huna and the benefits they get from it. I have started documenting some of this and there is more to come. There are some great examples to share on the links below including, just click on the text in bold below to find out more:

Judy who emphasises the effectiveness, simplicity and power of the approach

Jeff who explains how he came across Huna and some of the things he likes about it including the wonderful seven principles and how he has deepened his understanding of Huna through practicing Hawaiian craftwork.

Paula who describes how Huna gives her a sense of ‘coming home’ and allows her to live a ‘wholistic’ way of life.

Peter, an old school friend who I met up with many years later and introduced Huna to. He describes how it has helped him to live ‘in the flow’ and open a valuable dialogue with his inner self.

Stewart Blackburn who notes the ‘delicious practicality’ of Huna and how it provides a ‘blueprint of how reality is created’.

These are just some of the examples of the value of Huna that people have reported. I have more examples to share over the coming months as I am fascinated to hear about and share people’s different perspectives on Huna. If you would like to share you experiences I would be great to hear from you. Find out more here.

Also, if you are interested in learning about Huna, Stewart Blackburn and I are running a four session online workshop beginning on 6th June. An Introduction to Huna: A Shamanic Path to Inner Harmony and Power, provides an introduction to the foundational ideas and techniques of Huna from the Kahili lineage. Details can be found here: https://www.urbanhuna.org/event/an-introduction-to-huna-a-shamanic-path-to-inner-harmony-and-power/

If you want to join us we would love to see you there.

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